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The Mirror is a community-driven project, literally created by open-source contributors. We'd love for you to consider contributing to The Mirror! We greatly appreciate feedback, suggestions, and additions to the code.

How to Contribute

Discussion, Idea, or Proposal

Open an issue on Github and use the discussion/idea/proposal label.


Open a PR on Github and we'd be happy to review.

Mission & Vision

Read our open-source announcement here:

The Mirror is an open-source all-in-one game development platform, providing everything you need out-of-the-box to make a game/3D experiences, even if you've never written code in your life. The impetus behind labeling it an "open-source Roblox & UEFN alternatve" is because these are the two closest examples. Frankly, we're surprised there aren't more examples, especially with good graphics instead defaulting to cartoony styles.

We hope to change that! :)