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Play Mode

When a Space is published, it becomes available for everyone to experience as a fully functional game -- this is called Play Mode. In other engines, this is equivalent to exporting your project and uploading it to any platform. However, everything in The Mirror is in real-time, so no need to worry about long builds and exports.

How To Publish Your Space

  • Launch The Mirror and login using your account. You should see the landing page:


  • Switch to the My Spaces tab


  • Click on the Space card you would like to publish.


  • Click the "Publish" button.

  • The "Publish" button will change into "Play" instead and you'll get a message notifying you that the Space is published.


If you're connected to a Space and you want to publish it press B on your keyboard to open Build Mode


  • Click on the cog wheel icon at the top right of the Main Toolbar. This will open the settings menu


  • Scroll to the bottom and click on the "Publish Game" button.

PublishGame, button